I’m a 19 year old junior at University of Delhi, majoring in CS and Math. I’m broadly interested in Computational Learning Theory and Algorithms related to Computational geometry and spectral graph theory. Alongside, I dabble in probabilistic computation and contribute to PyMC, this summer I’ll be working on transforms for constrained parameters in HMC sampling with Bob Carpenter at Flatiron Institute. I am also involved as a head TA in Aki’s Bayesian Data Analysis course, do sign up!

email: meenal[at]mjhajharia[dot]com | Github | Twitter | LinkedIn


Summer 2020 | Indian Statistical Institute

I spent the summer working on with Prof. Ujjwal Maulik and Prof. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhya (Director, ISI Kolkata) on Non Linear Dimensionality Reduction-Algorithms based on canonical feature extraction techniques such as PCA and LDA applied through Graph Embeddings.

January 2020 | Semester Long Project - Natural Language Processing

Developed an Unsupervised, graph-based algorithm for Keyphrase Extraction that exploits syntactic relations using dependency parsing, augmented with local text attributes. We reconstruct dependency trees in a Hyperbolic metric space to locate keywords, which are then further ranked by statistical NLP features. [doc]



Deprecat: An open source Python package which can be used to deprecate functions, methods, classes and kwargs. Additionally, one can auto-generate sphinx docstring in Numpydoc format

Sudokus and Graph Theory: Interpreting a Sudoku as an NP Graph coloring problem, visualization using networkx, and working through the Chromatic Polynomial to analyse the number of puzzles or solutions possibly generated with varying number of clues.

Reference Management Tool: A Viola Dashboard with LDA based topic modeling for editing, organizing and viewing research papers. MySQL and Python backend for automatic retrieval of metadata from PDFs scraping through Google Scholar and CrossRef.

Modeling movement of aquatic ecosystems: Modeling the movement of Pelagic fish stocks in North Atlantic ocean for the next fifty years by analysing the rise in global and local temperatures as an effect of global warming, suggesting relocation for small fisheries accordingly. This project was the only one to recieve an honourable mention from India at COMAP

I have been thinking about tools for thought and trying to write (some of) my notes publicly.

Once in a while I write a bit of poetry!!