My research interests are centered around high dimensional approximations and probabilistic inference. I also have more general interests in algorithms and theory, particularly computational geometry and metric embeddings.

From this January, I’ll be working with MIT’s Probabilistic Computation Project.

Last summer I worked with Bob Carpenter at Flatiron Institute on transformations for constrained parameters for sampling with Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (HMC). More recently, this year I worked with Prof. Aki Vehtari and Nikolas
Siccha in the Probabilistic ML group at Aalto University on diagnosing
Hamiltonian Monte Carlo in regions of high curvature. In the past, I worked
on Non Linear Dimensionality Reduction using spectral graph embeddings
with Prof. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhya at the Indian Statistical Institute.

email: meenal[at]mjhajharia[dot]com | github | twitter | mathstodon.xyz