hang yourself upside down till all the pieces fit in,
squeeze your thighs into an old lover’s corset.
shut it, fucking shut it okay?
press your skin against the glass and wait for it to gnarl on the grass.
I’m not making any sense, that’s okay
you wanted crazy, here’s crazy;
here’s crazy without the pretty face,
what use is a bloody scarred face stitched to a broken neck.
it’s okay, let me explain it, for the last time-
she’s sitting with folded knees, you won’t save her;
its an old story, you’re holding a chest of nails hammered-
one of you ruptures a heart; both of you break that way.
darling don’t you know, I’m making up stories-
it’s always stories, why do you keep walking out of them.
now I’m giving you a dozen faces, today we met a road called hunger.
you see, it’s hidden alright, sometimes when
your mother is too busy screaming at the dirty walls;
the curtain drops, and you roll down the sidewalks.
you see, you’re always asking for more, you’re insatiable.
your mother is wearing a shroud for your parents anniversary,
you’re so in love you want to put your head in a bucket.
it’s okay claw out your skin and sit on the edge of the highway,
you couldn’t barter skin for warmth.
you’re thinking about the times you wanted to get a fever,
you see mother loves you when your back is burning.
you’ve learned to earn love, its getting expensive everyday;
it’s so simple, it’s so simple, just stay, okay?
put my hunger to sleep like a tired kid, because it is.